Zoom! Teeth Whitening

There are two techniques for professional teeth whitening. The Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening System and Tray Whitening. For best results, the doctors recommend doing both techniques. The ZOOM gives you the immediate and dramatic results while the trays allow the patients to improve their whitening or simply to maintain their shade over the years. We call this the ZOOM COMBO.


The ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening System is a scientifically advanced tooth whitening procedure. It’s safe, effective and fast. In just 45 minutes your teeth will become dramatically whiter. ZOOM is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The procedure is simple. It begins with a short preparation to cover the lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. The proprietary whitening gel is then placed on your teeth and the ZOOM light activates the gel to remove stains and discoloration.

For more information on ZOOM, go to http://www.zoomwhitening.com

This procedure generally requires two office visits. At the first appointment, the dentist will create molds of your teeth that will be used to fabricate custom, clear plastic trays. Once the trays are ready, you will be asked to return so the dentist can check for a proper fit and make any necessary adjustments. The patient may then choose to wear the trays either twice a day for thirty minutes, or overnight. The entire process takes about two weeks depending on the degree of staining and the desired level of whitening.